User Manual
For Upload Full Paper on IPPC7 Website

This manual specifically for the presenter who will perform full paper upload to the IPPC7 website (
Step 1
Open IPPC7 website using browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.
Step 2
On the IPPC7 website menu, click Paper Submission =>Full Paper
Step 3
You must enter username and Password *)


*) Username is the email address and Password is the Mobile number at the time of registration

Step 4
If the login is successful, it will display the user dashboard.
Step 5
Click menu on the left, Proposal/Paper => Final Paper


To add a final paper click the icon add

Step 6
1. Fill in the title Final Paper.
2. Click Button “Upload Full Paper” to upload pdf file.
3. Click Button “Save”
Step 7
If the upload is successful, the screen will display a notification.step7
Screen will automatically display the results list of uploaded paper.