Dinner at Sofitel Beach Bar and Grill

1) Conference Dinner

Dinner at Sofitel Beach Bar and Grill

Enjoy your conference dinner with your favourite menu and witness the magnifique sundown from Eastern Coastline. The Beach Bar & Grill offers lounge place with breeze and leisurely atmosphere.

2) Half Day Tour

Uluwatu Tour

There hasn't been any significant erosion on the shoreline underneath the temple's towering cliff. Believers regard it as a manifestation of the divine power that protects Pura Uluwatu.

Visitors must wear a sarong and a sash, as well as appropriate clothes common for temple visits. They can be hired here Every six months according to the Balinese 210-day Pawukon cycle, big temple anniversary celebrations are held at the temple. The temple's keeper, the royal family of Jro Kuta from Denpasar, are patrons for the event.

Precautionary signs warn visitors of the monkeys grabbing attractive items such as sunglasses and cameras. However, they can be calmer when approached with peanuts or bananas, lending an opportunity to retake stolen possessions.

Public facilities are available, but not in the temple area. Unlike some other tourist destinations in Bali, Uluwatu Temple area has limited amounts of hassling vendors. The most favourite venue to watch a Kecak dance is the sunset background of the performance.

Uluwatu Temple

Kecak Dance
Kecak Dance is always performed just before sunset. As the drama unfolds, the scene is cast in the last rays of the sun when its orb slowly disappears behind the glowing horizon of the sea. The story continues into the darkness of nightfall as dancers are dramatically only by the light thrown from the flames of torches cast.

The dance begins with the percussive chants of a 150-man chorus clad in checkered cloths around their waists, sitting in concentric circles, forming a stage in the center. With burning flames as the only lighting, this cacophonous play creates a mystical atmosphere, illuminating the performers and audience alike in a haunting glow. The circular ensemble sways rhythmically back and forth and waves their hands as the drama unfolds, yet above the chants of the swaying masses, the narrator�s voice can be heard, telling the tale.

As the plot progresses, the ring of acapella percussionists enhance the performance of the lead actors in the center by acting as the armies in the battle scenes, and even unite as an enormous, twisting serpent in the performance�s final climax. A triumph of style and emotion over actual story, the Kecak dance is sure to keep every viewer captivated for every second of the show.

Unlike other Balinese dances, the Kecak is not performed to the accompaniment of Gamelan, which is the Balinese �orchestra.� Instead it is enacted to the sounds of 150 or more male voices chanting �chak-achak-achak,� hence giving the dance its name. Another unique factor is that the Kecak is also one of the only dances that was created for the sole purpose of entertaining foreigners. It is almost never watched by the Balinese in their villages.

Kecak Dance