Steps to Register Online

Step 1
Open our website :

Step 2
Simply click “Click Here for Registration” button on home page, or Go into “For Attendees Menu”

  1. Click Registration within the “For Attendees Menu”
  2. Click registration button and fill in the registration form

Step 3

Fill in Registrant’s Personal Information

  1. Check the box if you register for the first time
  2. Choose registrant’s title
  3. Fill in registrant’s first name and last name
  4. Fill in registrant’s mobile phone number and other phone (if any)
  5. Choose registrant’s month, day, and year of your birthday from Day of Birth combo menu
  6. Choose “General Participant” or “Student” by clicking the circle
  7. If registrant choose “Student” registrant must upload a valid student card by clicking “Choose File” button
  8. Choose “Non Presenter” or “As Presenter” by clicking the circle
  9. If registrant choose “As Presenter” registrant must upload Paper Proposal by clicking “Choose File” button
  10. Fill in registrant’s organization name
  11. Fill in registrant’s organization address line 1 and address line 2
  12. Fill in registrant’s organization city
  13. Choose registrant’s country
  14. Fill in required informantion
  15. Choose the option for presenting details on delegate list “Yes” or “No” by clicking the circle
  16. Click Next

Step 4
Choose the Type of Conference Package

  1. Choose the type of conference package
  2. Click Next
  3. Click “Pay Now” or “Pay Later”
  4. If registrant click “Pay Now” registrant can go to Step 5 directly
  5. If registrant click “Pay Later” there will be notification on the website and to registrant’s email

Step 5
Select Type of Payment

  1. Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard/JCB). This type of payment is valid worldwide.
    • Fill in registrant’s credit card information 
    • Confirm payment
  2. ATM Transfer (ATM Bersama/PRIMA/ALTO). This type of payment is valid in Indonesia only.
    • Choose “Payment” option on ATM 
    • Fill in registrant’s paycode
    • Confirm payment

Step 6
Check email that have been inserted in registrant’s personal information for successful payment confirmation.