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How to judge the quality of the elevator balance compensation chain?

Publisher:Xunda Rubber Plastic Release time:2019-5-17 Views:669
Good quality compensation chains are generally produced by professional elevator manufacturers. They often have rich experience in elevator production design. Through the overall operation test of the elevator, the elevator can run safely and smoothly, and achieve a quiet and comfortable effect.
Most of the compensation chains with poor quality of elevator balance compensation chain are produced by non-professional underground workshops. Because the structure of the balance compensation chain seems simple, it is often put into the market without any experiment.
The elevator balance compensation chain mainly has the following three characteristics:
1, poor flexibility, not cold, the outer wrap is easy to crack, violent shaking after cracking and other issues;
2, the strength is poor, the weather resistance is poor, easy to corrode, easy to cause chain break accidents.
3. When the elevator is running, the vibration is very strong, causing the car to sway and the noise is loud, which greatly reduces the passenger experience;